On Oct. 31, 2022, Elodia Jones’ sister, Barbara Wilson of the Ypsilanti Church presented the check to Peterson-Warren Academy Principal Lynette Jefferson. Pictured left to right: Lake Region President Garth Gabriel, Peterson-Warren Building Chair Michael Terrell, Principal Jefferson, Lake Region Education Superintendent Deidre Garnett, Elodia Jones' daughter Elodia Mai Perry, Wilson, and one of the trustees of Jones’ estate and close friend of Jones, Gregory Hampton. [Photo: Jacqueline Blake]

March 30, 2023

Peterson-Warren Academy Receives $100,000 Donation

A Lake Region Conference School in Inkster, Michigan was the grateful recipient of a generous donation.

The sum of $100,000 was bequeathed to Peterson-Warren Academy by the estate of Elodia Jones, a long-time supporter of Adventist Christian Education. 

Being a careful steward of God’s blessings, Jones, a former member of Bethel Church in Lansing, Michigan, defined how the money is to be used: library enhancements, improvements to the parking lot, and upgrading the computer lab.  

PWA principal Lynnette Jefferson was ecstatic to hear the news of this generous gift and responded that “God continues to bless PWA right when we need it.” The funds came just as they were looking at options for upgrading their computer lab. “Our daily virtual collaboration with other schools in the conference for team teaching, as well as our virtual Spanish class, necessitates a good strong computer lab as well as solid internet connections. These funds will help ensure that we have all of that and then some.”  She ended, saying “We serve a mighty God who continues to take care of His children.” 

Elodia Jones is pictured in 2018 at her 90th birthday party with Michael Terrell, building chairman of Peterson-Warren Academy.
Elodia Jones is pictured in 2018 at her 90th birthday party with Michael Terrell, building chairman of Peterson-Warren Academy.


Faithful Steward 

Elodia Jones, who went to sleep in Jesus on May 22, 2020, has a long history of supporting and supervising schools. Quoting from family remembrances provided by Michael Terrell, building chair of the PWA school board, she was born the third of 13 children on a small farm in Kansas. Later her family moved to a 40-acre farm in Holton, Michigan where she was carefully nurtured in Christian principles.  

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and a master’s degree in counseling from Eastern Michigan University, she, according to her obituary, was an education consultant at the Michigan Department of Education. She supervised over 311 schools for the State of Michigan and ended her career in private practice education consulting.  

After retirement, Jones went on to investing in real estate by purchasing, renovating and selling properties, and traveling all over the world. A world traveler, she visited over five continents. Many of the places she visited, she left her mark by conducting extensive missionary work. This would include building dormitories, libraries, and distributing food, clothing, toiletries, and medical supplies she had collected from the U.S. 

So, it is no surprise that one who gave freely in service and finances, would so generously bless a school in her local conference.

Jacqueline Blake is the education leader for the Sharon Inkster Church and independent educational consultant in Michigan.