The Lake Union patch is affixed on dress uniforms below the conference patch.

October 21, 2020

New Lake Union Pathfinder patch unveiled

Lake Union Pathfinder dress uniforms are getting a more unified look. 

Youth ministry directors formally voted last November to add a Lake Union patch to uniforms, and have it required when the Lake Union Courageous Pathfinder Camporee rolls around in September of 2021. 

“I am very excited that the Lake Union has created a new Pathfinder uniform patch,” said Lake Union Youth Director, Ron Whitehead. “This is important so our own Pathfinders can see what states make up our great union.” 

Many, not all of the Unions in the North American Division, have a patch below their conference patch identifying which Union they are from. Directors in the Lake Union had talked about adding this patch to the uniforms about three years ago, after noticing this trend during the 2014 Oshkosh Camporee.   

Craig Harris, Club Ministries coordinator for the Lake Union said that it’s important to have a unified identity. He explained that at the last Oshkosh Camporee, the Lake Union Pathfinders all wore a Lake Union shirt on Thursday, which really brought a sense of teamwork, and pride of belonging to the Lake Union. “We are just not from Indiana, Illinois, Lake Region, Michigan or Wisconsin. We believe this patch will symbolically draw us together as a Lake Union Team.” 

Each Conference will have a supply for their Pathfinder Clubs as early as this fall.  Contact your local Conference Youth director for details on ordering and cost.



The patch goes 1/4 inch directly below and centered under the Conference patch.

"You will have to take off the existing patches and move them down a bit. It is a bit of a hassle, but will look very nice on the uniform!" says Harris. "I look forward to seeing each of the Indiana, Illinois, Lake Region, Michigan and Wisconsin Pathfinders with these new Lake Union patches on their uniforms for the Lake Union Camporee next September 16-19, 2021!  We will look very sharp!"