AdventHealth Great Lakes executive leaders L to R: Vladimir Radivojevic, Adam Maycock, Monica Reed, and Kenneth Rose. [PC: Julie Rish Photo: Spencer Freeman]

May 29, 2024

Shaping Success: How Great Lakes Region Leaders are Building a Culture Legacy

At UChicago Medicine AdventHealth, creating a culture where team members feel inspired, fulfilled and connected to the mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ is paramount.

A culture must be nurtured with care. It is the foundation upon which a vibrant environment is built, and sparks team members to deliver an exceptional patient experience for every person, every time. 

When it comes to creating culture, it takes more than just talking about the mission, vision and values of an organization. Creating a culture happens when there is intentional work to truly understand the meaning and purpose behind the mission, vision and values, and put understanding into action by living out that mission. 

Here’s a look at the four executive leaders who are creating a culture based on purpose and mission, where shared values lead to outstanding patient care and a workforce that feels loyal and loved.  

Monica Reed, MD | president and CEO, UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Great Lakes Region 

Monica Reed, MD [PC: Eric Herzog]
Monica Reed, MD [PC: Eric Herzog]

Monica Reed, MD, feels there are many metaphors that speak to organizational culture. One that she leans toward speaks on nurturing a young person to an adult. “You start by establishing identity, which is largely shaped by values that are the principles the family unit deems as foundational to character and meaning. Then, you build that identity by the way you live and demonstrate those values through behavior.” 

The same can be said of organizations. To build a culture, things that are important are emphasized and rewarded. Things that aren’t are de-emphasized. Over time, a collective lens begins to take shape that brings people together, Dr. Reed shared.  

“Everyone comes with their own lens,” said Dr. Reed. “When we nourish what is important, and understand our purpose, a strategy starts to come into view. In our region, we want to offer the best community medicine through the lens of our mission and The Whole Care Experience. We want to wrap that with the innovation, research and power of academic medicine.”  

“People are trying to understand our identity, and that gives me an opportunity to facilitate filling in the blanks. We do it together,” Dr. Reed said. “We are creating the narrative of how academic whole-person care can uniquely impact individual consumers and the community at large.” 

One of the most significant times Dr. Reed helped shape culture was during her time as CEO of AdventHealth Celebration in Central Florida, which became nationally recognized as a clinical destination for whole-person care. She points to Des Cummings, a former AdventHealth executive, as a mentor. “Des represented the best of a philosophical vision with strategic optimism,” said Dr. Reed. “He richly embodied what we wanted to do, not only what existed inside the walls of the hospital, but outside in the community too.”  

She identified two more AdventHealth executives, David Banks and Brian Paradis, who also served as sources of inspiration. Banks previously served as CEO of AdventHealth Celebration and is now AdventHealth’s chief strategy officer. Paradis, former president of AdventHealth’s Central Florida region, was Dr. Reed’s executive leader during her tenure as CEO at the Celebration campus. Early in her career Paradis sat her down and they looked at the hospital from the outside.  

“[Paradis] told me, ‘If this becomes an ordinary hospital, you will have failed,’” Dr. Reed said. “It was one of my most memorable moments. His point was to recognize the unique identity of AdventHealth Celebration as a community hospital, as well as a destination for services that were unique to the innovative environment for which the hospital had been established. That was almost 20 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it. When one has permission to lean into the largest aspects of existing — as an individual, a team, a department, an organization — that offers profound potential. It brings about great creativity. We have that opportunity here and that’s what makes me excited about our future in the Great Lakes Region.” 


The Whole Care Experience 

For UChicago Medicine AdventHealth, creating culture starts with The Whole Care Experience — a signature experience expressed as an interactive immersion into the common cultural framework and service standards of the organization. In this setting, team members come together with the goal of understanding the building blocks of AdventHealth culture enough to embody it. 

“Culture is who we are, what we stand for and how we behave,” shared Julie Rish, vice president of consumer experience at AdventHealth. “Who do we say we are? What do we say we do? What do we value? And how consistently do we live that out? In answering those questions, we can identify and understand our culture. Once we have that framework, it becomes a living and breathing thing for our team members.” 

Rish and her team have seen the evidence of the living and breathing culture of AdventHealth through the inspiring stories shared on internal channels by team members celebrating one another when they witness the mission being lived out. “This is how the culture keeps going and growing,” said Rish. “By acknowledging and celebrating when we see each other living the mission.”  

Adam Maycock | president and CEO, UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Hinsdale and La Grange 

Adam Maycock [PC: Eric Herzog]
Adam Maycock [PC: Eric Herzog]

Adam Maycock has been deeply embedded in the fabric of UChicago Medicine AdventHealth for over two decades and has witnessed firsthand how culture defines not only the identity and reputation of an organization, but also fosters unity among team members. 

“Culture isn't merely a buzzword. It's the essence of who we are,” Maycock said. “It's what attracts and retains talent, setting the tone for our collective actions and aspirations. It exceeds far beyond our walls, becoming the essence of how our community views and feels about us. That's why I'm a firm advocate for nurturing and cultivating a culture that's inclusive, diverse and deeply connected to our values.” 

Maycock described The Whole Care Experience as a way to engage team members on a personal level, connecting them to the “why” behind the work. “The experience is a time for reflection, inspiration and renewed dedication to our purpose,” he said. “Through stories and personal connections, we reinforce our shared values and create a sense of purpose to drive us forward.”  

Leading by example is very important in shaping culture, Maycock said. “It's not just about what I say, but how I act and the decisions I make,” he said. “By demonstrating our values in action, I provide a blueprint for others to follow suit.” Moreover, he believes investing in talent development and mentorship ensures that future leaders embody the culture we strive to uphold. 

Awards and recognition also play a significant role in reinforcing culture. There are special awards like the Daisy Award for nursing staff and the Shining Star Award for team members, and acknowledgments are shared at leadership meetings to celebrate those who exemplify the service standards. “Recognizing individuals who embody our mission and culture not only strengthens our teams but also provides a wellspring of inspiration on an ongoing basis,” Maycock said.  

Culture isn't just something that is talked about at UChicago Medicine AdventHealth — “it's who we are,” Maycock said. “We’re not just shaping an organization, we're building a community united in purpose and driven by compassion.” 

Vladimir Radivojevic | president and CEO UChicago Medicine AdventHealth GlenOaks 

Vladimir Radivojevic [PC: Eric Herzog]
Vladimir Radivojevic [PC: Eric Herzog]

In the corridors of UChicago Medicine AdventHealth GlenOaks, something profound echoes beyond the mere bustle of everyday operations. It's a culture steeped in faith, where every decision and interaction is infused with the presence of something greater.  

Culture isn't just about what's written on the walls — it's about living and breathing the organization’s values every moment. Radivojevic believes it is woven into the fabric of the hospital’s daily operations. 

“As Christians, we let God into our lives, and as a faith-based organization, we let Him in the building,” said Radivojevic. “We let Him walk the halls and be part of the decision-making process, part of how we start our day, how we engage and how we solve our problems.” 

When tough moments arise, Radivojevic knows he can pray with team members. “Sometimes we say, ‘Do you want to pray about this?’” he said. “Praying allows us to be present, to talk about things, and focus on what really matters: our mission, our patients and our family.” 

The challenges of serving the community are met with resilience and purpose. The community the hospital serves has a lower-middle-class, blue-collar, high Medicare/Medicaid and high behavioral health population. “We face a unique demographic with high health care needs, but despite the hurdles, there's a palpable sense of mission among our staff,” Radivojevic said. “It’s a dedication to serving those often overlooked by society.” 

Radivojevic’s vision for the hospital isn't just about delivering health care — it's about embodying a higher calling. “By nurturing a culture where faith isn't just acknowledged, but actively embraced, we're fostering an environment where trust, compassion and unwavering dedication flourish.” 

Kenneth Rose | president and CEO UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook 

Kenneth Rose [PC: Eric Herzog]
Kenneth Rose [PC: Eric Herzog]

As the newly appointed CEO of Bolingbrook Hospital, Kenneth Rose is passionate about building a culture that not only drives success but also nurtures the well-being of team members and the patients they serve. His experiences before coming to UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook, particularly in building an AdventHealth hospital from the ground up in Mansfield, Texas, have reinforced his belief in the transformative power of organizational culture. 

“Management guru Peter Drucker's timeless words, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast,’ resonate deeply with me,” Rose said. “No matter how robust our strategic plans may be, they are only as effective as the culture that supports them.”  

Reflecting on his previous experience opening AdventHealth Mansfield, Rose recalled the challenges and triumphs of building the culture from scratch. “Together, our executive team crafted a people-centered culture that valued collaboration, excellence and compassion,” Rose said. “This foundation paved the way for remarkable achievements, from high patient satisfaction scores to financial success. It taught me the invaluable lesson that culture-building begins day one and must be ingrained in every aspect of our operations.” 

Transitioning to UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook, located in a suburb of Chicago, presented its own set of challenges. The hospital had undergone significant changes, necessitating a concerted effort to rebuild trust and cohesion within the team. Transparent communication, alignment of vision and a commitment to living the service standards became paramount in navigating this transition successfully, Rose shared. 

“I’m a firm believer in the power of small gestures,” said Rose. “Whether it's hosting town halls to create open dialogue or organizing small leadership luncheons to strengthen relationships, I prioritize meaningful interactions with our team.” 

One simple change in culture is the shift from referring to the workforce as "team members" instead of "employees.” “This change helps foster a sense of belonging and ownership, where every team member feels valued and appreciated,” Rose said. 

Rose believes it’s the little things that always make the biggest difference. “My vision for UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Bolingbrook is to create an environment where every team member feels loved, supported and inspired to deliver exceptional care.” 

Julie Busch is associate vice president of marketing and communications at UChicago Medicine AdventHealth.