On Saturday, May 18, 2024, the Chicago Shiloh Church hosted a unique and uplifting event in its parking lot: the Blessing of the Bikes. 

May 23, 2024

Chicago Church Pays Tribute to Victims of Violent Crime with Bike Ride

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, the Chicago Shiloh Church hosted a unique and uplifting event in its parking lot: the Blessing of the Bikes.

This initiative, led by seminary intern and discipleship pastor Cedric Chintembo, attracted bikers from across the Chicagoland area. Participants gathered for breakfast and prayer before embarking on a ride along Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Drive, honoring families affected by violent crimes. 

Children and parents came to greet the riders, learning more about their passion for motorcycles. A total of 88 bikers and clubs registered in advance, with 33 participants expressing interest in learning more about God’s love for their lives. One man came that had undergone an amputation of one of his legs. He shared, “I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have all the prayers I can get.”  

Following breakfast, Travis Price, head elder,  joined Cedric Chintembo, intern pastor, in leading the motorcycle enthusiasts to Lake Michigan. Upon arrival, Chintembo delivered a sermon titled “Ride with the King,” focusing on building a personal relationship with Jesus. Both Chintembo and Price then visited each motorcycle, taking prayer requests and praying with every rider. 

After the service concluded, Pastor Cedric and Elder Price returned to Shiloh in time to support and celebrate nine baptisms from other ministry efforts for children and families. 

“This was one of those Sabbaths where you get to see really clearly that the Holy Spirit is moving in a special way,” remarked Elder Price. Chintembo noted, “The goal of this effort was to connect with men and women who may not normally attend a church or ask for prayer. The response was strong for our first time hosting this. I am thankful to God for leading these precious hearts here so that we could pray with them for their safety this riding season.”  

A guest rider shared their enthusiasm: “This was really well done. I’m glad I came. The next time they do this, I am going to bring my whole motorcycle club. I was moved by what I experienced here.” 

Shiloh Senior Pastor John T. Boston, II, added later although he was not at the event, “I am excited anytime people find their way to our local churches. Pastor Cedric had the right vision for this, and I believe we are witnessing the beginning of something we will do annually. Something really special that matters where it counts.”


"Let every worker in the Master's vineyard, study, plan, devise methods, to reach the people where they are. We must do something out of the common course of things. We must arrest the attention. We must be deadly in earnest." Evangelism, p.122 

Cedric Chintembo is a Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary student and the ministerial intern for discipleship at Shiloh Church.