April 28, 2023

Camp Meeting 2023

Check out the Lake Union 2023 Camp Meeting Season!


Our theme this year centers around the question, “How Shall We Go?” Jesus authorizes those who would come after Him to, “Therefore, Go.” We will reflect on that theme of the Great Commission within the context of these turbulent days.

Our Family Camp Meeting provides an opportunity to get away, to be around the community of faith, to reset our spiritual batteries, and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors provided by our getaway retreat center. While we pray it will be a time of relaxation, a time for slowing the inner rpm’s of our lives down, we also pray that this will all serve to prepare the way for Jesus and His Spirit to become noticeably present in each life. With the variety of offered activities, all ages can enjoy this respite. This annual gathering can remind us of what is most important during these last days.

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In keeping with this year’s conference-wide theme, we are extending a special invitation for you to experience our 2023 Indiana Camp Meeting, taking place June 12–17 on the campus of Indiana Academy. Whether camp meeting is a long-standing tradition for you and your family or this is the first year you will be attending, there will be something for everyone.

From the devotional time before breakfast to the seminars and presentations throughout the day and evening meetings in the gymnasium, the adult schedule is full of wonderful spiritual opportunities. The children’s programming, which includes classes for toddlers through teens, is fun-filled with plenty of recreation and engaging Bible lessons. In addition, enjoyable activities for the entire family are being planned after each evening meeting .

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Lake Region

This year, the Lake Region Conference will embark upon a 10-day encampment, beginning Friday, June 16, through Saturday, June 24. This will be the first full camp meeting since the pandemic that forever changed our global landscape. Various services will include dynamic speakers from across the Lake Region Conference, as well as invited guest presenters and weekend guest speakers. Our theme is “Deeper Roots in Christ.”

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In Acts 4:29, Peter and John point us to a divine calling to boldness. The two apostles are released after an encounter with the chief priests and elders, and immediately lift their voices in prayer, saying, “Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak your word.”

Our conference president, Jim Micheff, will open camp meeting with his message Friday evening. Our main speaker for the first Sabbath through Tuesday night will be Stephen Bohr, president of Secrets Unsealed, who has committed his life to spreading a cutting-edge gospel message for these last days.

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At the beginning of His ministry on earth, Jesus met His future disciples and invited them to be part of His missionary team. One by one, they responded to His call, and after three and a half years of training and assisting Him, they were sent out as His ambassadors into the whole world. We are part of God’s kingdom today because of their response to the call: “Come, and follow Me.”

Now, it is our privilege to respond to the same call. Jesus needs new disciples in every generation in our assigned territory. He wants us to follow Him and to be actively involved in the process of making disciples. We cannot make disciples; the Holy Spirit does. But we need to invite others to become His disciples.

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